About Site

This blog site was originally developed for the purpose of being able to post the health material I am creating at the Heart and Vascular Institute of MI.  The blog site is linked to the Heart and Vascular Institute’s website so that patient’s can easily view the information online if need be.  It is a place where I can post all of my articles I’ve written for my job along with further information on the services offered here at the clinic.

Since the site was developed with current patients in mind, many of the ‘blog posts’ are in a formal article format and will probably continue to be that way (partly since that is my style of writing).  My hope is for this site to grow as I continue to add onto it and help to reach out to others including those not already a patient of Dr. Nounou’s.  As mentioned in other areas on this site- although I work out of a cardiology clinic, being a patient here is NOT a requirement to take advantage of the nutrition services offered.  We are open to the general public and welcome anyone who needs help in regards to nutrition and leading a healthier lifestyle in general.  I am focused on helping to grow the nutrition part of the clinic so that even more people can take advantage of the nutrition services offered.

With the current state of health that our country is in, most every city is in desperate need of help with health and nutrition.  We are proud to add on a nutrition-focused aspect to the Heart and Vascular Institute right here in Lapeer, MI at very reasonable costs.  If you are in need of any of the nutrition services offered, let us know (you can message me through this site, email me or call the clinic.  There are a wide array of health ailments that I have experience consulting patients about (of which are listed in the ‘about me’ section and on my profile page for this site).


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