Upcoming Events

Grocery store tours and support groups (including weight loss support)!

Grocery store tours take place at supermarkets and specialty stores in the Lapeer/Davison area such as:  Meijer in Lapeer, Kroger in Davison, Rebekah’s Pure Living in Lapeer and Green Earth Grocery in Davison.  Support groups take place right inside the Heart and Vascular Institute of MI in Lapeer.

You never know what ya don’t know- people usually gain much benefit from attending these groups since the grocery store tour is the practical approach to the one-on-one nutrition consultations (although it is not required that you do a one-on-one consultation to be able to take advantage of a grocery store tour or a support group).  During a grocery store tour, people may get many questions answered including help with reading labels, general areas to focus on in the store, where exactly the healthier alternative products are, health benefits of certain foods, etc.

When it comes to support groups, the most common one people seem to be interested in is a weight loss support group, (if there is a different topic I get enough interest in, I can also schedule a group based on this as well).  The main point of support groups is just as the name implies: support.  It is difficult to reach your goals without adequate support (which I can offer in one-on-one consultations as well- and for many, this is the first step, but at a certain point, you may want to have a group of others going through similar hurdles, surrounding you).  Topics focused on during a weight loss support group include a variety of different ones that all somehow tie into long-term weight loss.  Topics include information you never knew you never knew, such as some basic focus points in regards to diet/nutrition (more specific questions pertaining to your individual needs are what the one-on-one consultations are for).  During these groups, we will also be focusing on various methods of keeping track of progress so that you have more of a plan to keep going.

-Both groups are scheduled by need and based on how many people are interested in the same time-frame, so if you are interested, let me know! 🙂

(All group sessions are 45 min- 1 hour in length and $10/person)


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